KAMUI GYU From Hokkaido Characteristic of Kamui beef, quality and taste, similar to Wagyu
        Kamui beef is a beef whose appearance and meat quality is very close to Wagyu beef, and for the good taste of beef, Mr. Sato, a beef cattle farmer. Therefore, take good care and take good care of them. This results in quality beef that is truly domestically produced.

        It took Mr Sato more than 28 months (two and a half years) to prepare the calves, feed, water, optimize the environment for the cattle to be raised, the long-term investment costs to the consolidation. look after all cows are good And due to careful raising as well as the long-term cost of production, the beef that has a part of the marbling fat inserted in the meat (Sashi) and the taste that is not only Japanese At the world level, it is still considered rare, making the meat taste, aroma, quality superior to other types of meat, is the value of beef that is superior to any meat.

        And it is sold at a reasonable price, making the shop selling Kamui beef. can make more sales including better quality therefore ensuring that in the future The manufacturer's farm will allow those who have tasted the products to see the difference. And can say that it's 100% delicious for sure. We want you to try. Beef delivered directly from locally produced farms. That will make you feel at ease in safety and feel 100% delicious from this place that combines the strong bond between beef farmers.
       Adoption of a calf with a Wagyu cattle breed Carefully selected for calves, the finest Wagyu breed, from the Hokkaido Calf Market.

       Value added by fattening with premium feed used for Wagyu cattle. Producing Kamui beef that gives you the peace of mind of safety and delicious taste has been used by the farm for more than 2 years using high-quality concentrates, fattening cows 365 days for more than 2 years.

       Raised in pure natural water in the Hidaka Mountains. Hokkaido Prefecture The farm uses “Activated Water” for raising cattle. By bringing clear natural water that even people can drink. through a high-efficiency water regulator and conditioner to obtain low-chlorinated water and enzyme supplementation

       The fattening period is equivalent to that of Wagyu cows (approximately 28 months).
By optimizing the environment 365 days over 2 years, including the full use of human resources and time to raise cows.